Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Standard Beginning Blog Message

Hello one and all. My name is John Morgan Neal. I am a freelance writer and a guerrilla filmmaker. Some of you know me and most of you don't. I have been talked into creating a blog and this is the result. I will try and update as much as possible and will attempt to be as entertaining as possible with my musings and ruminations. If anyone is interested in seeing some of my work they can go to I have several stories featuring some characters I have had a hand in with a couple of partners. Aym Geronimo and the PostModern Pioneers, Gone To Texas, and Rex Solomon. You can find them among the six issues of Shooting Star Comics Anthology and the Job Wanted anthology.

My movie making partner and I also hope to have some short films up online very soon and are back to working on our feature length documentary 'Panhandling For Laughs: The Morgy and Shoo Story'.

So, I guess this is as good an introduction as any. Next time I will perhaps type up something more substantive. Or maybe just some random crazy thought. I would bet on the later. :)