Friday, July 28, 2006



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Scott McCullar, Creative Director

Kearny, New Jersey (July 27, 2006) – Action. Adventure. Aym

Readers of the erstwhile SHOOTING STAR COMICS ANTHOLOGY series have
long recognized the science-loving heroine and her team of Post

Modern Pioneers as synonymous with high adventure when she appeared
in those earlier pages. This August finds Aym leaping into action in
her first full length adventure of her own!

The stakes have never been higher as Aym battles both time and

trickster. Aym takes on a man called Coyote, who is the world's
greatest thief, in order to recover an experimental and highly
dangerous device.

Debuting at Wizard World Chicago, Shooting Star Comics is pleased to

series creators J. Morgan Neal and Todd Fox (Booth #3256B). Both
writer and artist will also be on hand at the convention in Chicago
at the Shooting Star Comics Booth (Booth #S23). You can also visit

the official Aym Geronimo website at to learn

Don't worry. If you cannot make the trek to the Windy Cindy, AYM
will come to you! AYM GERONIMO: TRICKSTER is also available now for

pre-order via the Shooting Star Comics secure online store along
with Aym's earlier exploits in the pages of select issues of
SHOOTING STAR COMICS ANTHOLOGY (while supplies last). The Direct-to-
Readers edition of the AYM GERONIMO: TRICKSTER summer special will

begin shipping in mid-August for those who purchase this special
edition through our online store.

* * *
Shooting Star Comics is an independent publisher that produces a
variety of high-quality comics-related products from both new talent

and longtime legends in the industry. More information about
Shooting Star Comics can be found at the company's website,

Shooting Star Comics, LLC

188A Kearny Avenue #301
Kearny, NJ 07032

(862) 452 -8080



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